Friday, January 8, 2010

Help plz?

Long time no update. So the lovely and talented Paige Vickers is making a zine about Texas and I was asked to contribute. Turns out Texas has a lot of really sweet cowboy folklore, so color me inspired. I'm thinking I'm going to do at least three sexy cowgirl ladies (Annie Oakley, Slue-foot Sue, some saloon girls) and some cows. Maybe. Here's the first go; it's definitely an under-sketch and will be more detailed later on. I mainly wanted some input on the background.

Should I go with this one, which is partial and has some grass and some rocks and a little shrub tree (just in case you can't read my scribbles) or...

the simple rope border (yes, that's supposed to be rope), or come up with something else all together? Other ideas involved really long grass making curvy patterns. Or cacti. My attempts weren't so great but I'll post them if I make any headway. What do ya'll think? (any crit not pertaining to the background is welcome too)


  1. I enjoy the tree and grass but I think it needs to be a sunset. That will set the mood and be enticing.

    I also think she needs to be holding the rifle a bit closer to herself because that could show she is need of security and that is all she has right now. Right now it is sort of there and sort of supporting her.

    I love the idea though!!

  2. I actually enjoy the idea of forming a frame with an object from the illustration, but I think the rope's composition could be more wild/dynamic, instead of just a straight loop. The curvy grass patterning sounds like another great way to go; it'd be nice to see a quick sketch of that.
    Overall, your cowgirl is looking really cute so far! Her expression and pose spring to mind a pretty sweet, happy-go-lucky type personality. Can't wait to see more :)